Ami Gallery: Dogs

Welcome to Ami Gallery, where I show you my previous amigurumis, following a different theme each week. This week’s theme is dogs. There are several different styles of dog here, including realistic dogs, simplified dogs, and a famous Cartoon dog. I have made other dogs, but these were the only ones available for photo shoots.

First up we have Pickle, the Olympic puppy designed by Nicki Trench. Pickle lives on a farm and is currently training to be an Olympic swimmer in the 2016 Summer Games. Between practice bouts, he likes to eat spaghetti Bolognese. This was one of my first amigurumis and he now presides in my Mothers bedroom.


Next up we have Spike the Beagle, who likes to listen to music. He is trying very hard to avoid eating the cross-stitch cat that hangs in his room, but if he has enough bones he is always happy. He now lives in a flat in Denmark with my dog-loving grandfather. The next four dogs were all made from the book AmiAmi Dogs by Mitsuki Hoshi.


Next up is a very fashionable Chihuahua my sister requested. She lives a very happy life on one of the many shelves that cover the walls of our bedroom (we have a very extensive collection of amigurumi, knick-knacks and books from all over the world). Her photo isn’t very good quality sadly, it was taken a while ago and I haven’t had time to do a new one.


Then we have Niels, a somewhat irritable Schnauzer who lives next to the lovely Chihuahua above. He’s a bit floppy now, due to under-stuffing while in the making.


Now we have Douglas the miniature Dachshund, a cheerful and optimistic little dog, also living in my bedroom.


And finally, we have a very Sleepy Snoopy from the famous cartoon series, Peanuts, designed by the one and only Me! More about Snoopy can be found in the pattern.


And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed a little look at my amigurumi, and watch out for more coming soon!

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2 thoughts on “Ami Gallery: Dogs

  1. Snoopy is my favorte! Just discovered your blog and will be keeping an eye out for your posts in the future.

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