Ami Gallery: Rodents

This week I am going to show you the various rodents I have made in the past.

First up we have Biscuits the hamster, who lives on a shelf in my room with some of the dogs you saw last week. This was the first amigurumi I ever made, and I didn’t have any safety eyes or even black yarn so he has blue embroidered eyes that look a bit odd.


Now we have some baby guinea-pigs I made in February. First we have Millicent and Toast, (Millicent on the right, Toast on the left) the first two I made. Toast is smaller than Millicent, but I made him first.


Then we have an unnamed guinea-pig I made for my friend. I made her a hamster too but I forgot to photograph it before I gave it away.


Lastly, we have some mice I made for this years Ravellinic games using a pattern by Sharon Ojala. These two, Little Red Riding Mouse and Her Granny, along with a Big Bad Wolf (not shown here) won a medal! At least, one of my entrants won and this was by far the most impressive so I think it’s safe to assume it was these who won. Anyway, these now belong to my youngest sister. Red Riding Mouse did have a basket with a crocheted pie, but it isn’t here for some reason.


Later I made this wood-cutter mouse to go with the set, but unfortunately he wasn’t finished in time to get into the Ravellinics. My sister claimed him too.


Well, that’s it for this weeks ami gallery. Watch out next time for some bunnies (probably)!

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3 thoughts on “Ami Gallery: Rodents

  1. laura

    hey, I’m a christen homeschooling+crocheting teen, too! I was wondering how you made the crochet guanine pigs because I have two of my own and would love to make these! love your blog, by the way!

  2. laura

    thank you so much! I love your guinea pigs names. so cute!

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