Ami Gallery: Pokemon

This week I’d like to share with you all the amigurumi Pokémon I’ve made so far. All of them except Wooper were made using Linda Potts’ fantastic Pokémon patterns.


The first Pokémon I crocheted was this Flareon adapted from Linda’s Umbreon pattern. The fluffy neck piece isn’t quite correct but he’s still recognisable. My younger brother owns him now and Flareon loves to practice fighting with the other cuddlies. (for some reason all of my brother’s cuddly toys know some form of fighting, usually martial arts.)


Next I made a Chikorita which has long been my favourite starter Pokémon. I kept this one for myself.


Then my Dad asked for a Snorlax plushie which I made for him in extra thick yarn, so he’s a great big huggable ami who loves staying in bed.


My most recent Pokémon was Wooper, who I made using a highly altered panda pattern for Pokémon Class in NASHINA on Ravelry. I couldn’t work out how to make the stripes on his tummy look good so I just left them out. I gave him as a present to my older brother on his 18th birthday.


Future Pokémon will include a Pichu for my sister’s friend and a Raichu and a Piplup for myself.

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