Finished Objects: Ice to Lightning (with added music)

Well, after finally finishing all the stuff I needed to make for the swap, I actually have some finished objects to show you!


First we have Elsa, who you have already seen in the photos that came with the pattern. If you have seen Frozen, you already know she has ice powers.


Then we have some more icy characters, a mother seal and her tiny baby. The mother seal is about 6cm long while her baby measures 5cm long. The baby is blue because it was the lightest weight yarn I had and I wanted him to be absolutely itsy bitsy.


Then we come to the Lightning side of things. In the various imaginary worlds I’ve created, golden dragons are nearly always lightning breathers rather than fire breathers. This dragon, who I made for the Dragon Collection challenge I’m doing on Ravelry, has the job of guarding my page when I’m not reading. This particular book happens to be about dragons, by the way.


Then we have the Pikachu I just finished for my sisters friend. Yes, I said I was going to make a Pichu, but this pattern was so much cuter!!! And she did say Pikachu or Pichu, so that’s okay.


Now I’m going to cheat a bit. This next creature was actually the first thing I made this week-and-a-bit, but I put it last so I could stick to a theme. This is a purple dragon called Metta from the book series ‘the Dragon Keeper Chronicles’. (They’re very good, you must read them sometime. Especially if you like dragons like me) She is a Minor Singing Dragon, so she’s always singing, humming and can even help people to remember the words to songs. Okay, so the plushie obviously can’t do that, but the character does.


 But anyway, that’s it for this weeks finished objects!

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