Finished Objects: Vaporeon to Pizza

Sorry didn’t post on Wednesday, I wrote out a long post and then when I clicked Preview, The whole thing was deleted! 😦

But anyway, here are this weeks finished objects:


First we have a baby Vaporeon. I’m having a problem at the moment because I have NO Safety eyes, so pretty much everything has to be sleeping or a Pokémon now.


Here’s another dragon, this one is Gymn, the first dragon to hatch in the Dragon Keeper Chronicles (I told you to read them!) He is a minor healing dragon so he’s green. My brother’s favourite minor dragon is Gymn, so he got this one. He’s used up my last pair of safety eyes (The dragon, not my brother XD)


Now we have a Sailor Whale I made for a CAL on Ravelry. See his closed eyes? That’s because of the lack of safety eyes, but I think he looks severely cute anyway.


Due to my aforesaid lack of Safety eyes, I decided to start making an amigurumi restaurant for my sister. She’s already going bananas for it. So far I’ve made two sets of plates, cups and saucers, and three slices of pizza.



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2 thoughts on “Finished Objects: Vaporeon to Pizza

  1. Aww! Those are so cute and awesome! 😀

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