Finished Objects: Little Yellow Ducks and more

Well, last was super productive, with no less than seven finished objects!

The first thing I made was a pink and orange peacock for my sister. I still don’t have safety eyes, but we can pick them up on Thursday! 😀 so this peacock has it’s eyes closed.


Then I made Pusheen the Cat for a CAL and a class on ravelry. My sister immediately claimed it for herself.


Then I joined the Little Yellow Duck Project, in which we place little ducks in random places for people to pick up. The project also has the added goal of supporting blood and organ transplants. You can find out more at

But anyway, this week I managed to make four ducks and place them. First I made Oswald:



Then came Mildred and Florence,


And then we have Bobson. He actually ended up on the map which shows all the reported ducks.


After making all those ducks (more to come!) I decided to make an Anna doll to go with my Elsa. I found a pattern that, when crocheted with a 4:00mm hook using DK yarn, ended up almost exactly the right size, though I had to add a few rows to the legs, cape and skirt to get her the right size.



So, that’s it for last week. Bye! 😀

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One thought on “Finished Objects: Little Yellow Ducks and more

  1. machinegunmama

    The frozen sisters! My sister would go gaga over those, lol

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