Finished Objects: A Whole Load of Yellow

Hi evvybody! I came back from a two-weeks-and-a-bit holiday in Hungary. Not so very much crocheting happened while I was there, and about half of it was for a secret swap, so I can’t show you those. But here’s what I can show:

First up, a couple of little yellow ducks I made to leave in Hungary for the Little Yellow Duck Project. (See my post, Finished Objects: Little Yellow Ducks and More, for more info on that.)

First up, we have Boglarka. On the side of the tag that’s visible in the photo is a Hungarian label translated by a friend of my sister’s. The other side has a German label, due to the large amount of German tourists that visit the village where we stayed. This duckie made it onto the map, adding Hungary to the list of countries where ducks have been found! 😀


Then we have Maudie, a duck I made by combining a bunch of duck patterns I’ve used in the past and adding a hat.


Then we have a reindeer I finished while on holiday. I named him Lemony Snicket, partly because of his colour, and mostly because I thought it was funny.

full view

So that’s all I can show you just now. When the swap package arrives, I can hopefully show you some photos of the stuff I made for it.

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