Finished Objects: Sunburst the Light Dragonet and Others.

ami collage 3

Well, sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but first we were moving, and then there wasn’t much I could show you, and then I really wanted to finish my dragon before posting anything. Anyway, here we are!

Fairy (front) 

First we have an Ami Dress Up Doll and Fairy Outfit of my own design. I hope to design many more costumes soon. 🙂


Then we have a little brown puppy, which I made as a re-design of one of my old patterns, which is now available as well.

Belle (front)

After that came a little Belle doll inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Sorry the picture is pretty bad quality.

Unikitty & Marshmallow

Then I made a couple of kitties using AmiAmour’s Kitty Mod pattern as part of a CAL on Amigurumi Army (a Ravelry group) I made the white one first without changing anything in the pattern and made it a marshmallow kitty, and the pink one is inspired by Unikitty from The Lego Movie, hence the little horn. (yes I know the colours aren’t quite right, but we didn’t have internet at the time and our copy of the film had disappeared.)

Sunburst (side, wings out)

Then finally, after weeks of work with nearly a month’s break in the middle due to lack of pale yellow yarn, came Sunburst the Light Dragonet, which I made using Lucy Ravenscar’s Dragonet pattern, which someone on Ravelry gifted me. 😀 She measures 26 1/2″ long from nose to tail tip, with an aproximately 22″ wingspan. I decided to leave the back spikes off because I thought it looked cute. 🙂 

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4 thoughts on “Finished Objects: Sunburst the Light Dragonet and Others.

  1. I like the dragon, its cute.

  2. The dragon is wonderfull

  3. That little brown puppy is so cute. 🙂 And I love the dragon, I like all dragons.

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