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Finished Objects: The Days are Getting Colder…


Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages and haven’t had time until just now. So anyway, here’s a selection of stuff I’ve made since my last Finished Objects post. 🙂

fox2 (front)

First we have a little fox. Foxes are probably my favourite British wild mammal.

Tahken and Lauren

Then we have a couple of characters from a story I’m writing with a bunch of other people on Ravelry. Left is Lauren, who can control and communicate with animals, and next to her is Tahken, her brother (although neither of them know that at the beginning of the story), who is a villain :O but he will turn good at some point. You can find a pattern for their outfits (minus Lauren’s scarf and Tahken’s sword) here.

Rub my belly kitten

Now we get on to the cold related things. We have a little white cat for snuggling up with on the sofa when it’s cold. 🙂

Elsa and Rapunzel hats (flat)

And some Disney-inspired hats I made, Elsa hat on the left and Rapunzel on the right.

Urchin and sepia

Then Urchin and Sepia from The Mistmantle Chronicles. I love that series. 🙂 These guys have been hibernating for a long time, with me working on them between projects, but they finally got done!

fingerless mitts

Then some fingerless gloves I made for myself because my hands where freezing! 

Lola cat (front)

And finally we have a little cat called Lola, who is all wrapped up for the cold October weather.

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Finished Objects: Sunburst the Light Dragonet and Others.

ami collage 3

Well, sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but first we were moving, and then there wasn’t much I could show you, and then I really wanted to finish my dragon before posting anything. Anyway, here we are! Continue reading

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Finished Objects: A Whole Load of Yellow

Hi evvybody! I came back from a two-weeks-and-a-bit holiday in Hungary. Not so very much crocheting happened while I was there, and about half of it was for a secret swap, so I can’t show you those. But here’s what I can show:

First up, a couple of little yellow ducks I made to leave in Hungary for the Little Yellow Duck Project. (See my post, Finished Objects: Little Yellow Ducks and More, for more info on that.)

First up, we have Boglarka. On the side of the tag that’s visible in the photo is a Hungarian label translated by a friend of my sister’s. The other side has a German label, due to the large amount of German tourists that visit the village where we stayed. This duckie made it onto the map, adding Hungary to the list of countries where ducks have been found! 😀


Then we have Maudie, a duck I made by combining a bunch of duck patterns I’ve used in the past and adding a hat.


Then we have a reindeer I finished while on holiday. I named him Lemony Snicket, partly because of his colour, and mostly because I thought it was funny.

full view

So that’s all I can show you just now. When the swap package arrives, I can hopefully show you some photos of the stuff I made for it.

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Finished Objects: Mouse, Cat, Dragon

Okay, I haven’t posted in a while, because I’ve been doing a few big projects and there hasn’t been much to show. I’m happy to say that I FINALLY managed to get safety eyes last week! (Yay!) So I can actually make what I want to make!

First off we have a yellow mouse I made with some yarn I got from a swap package! (you may remember me mentioning this swap a while ago) It’s nice and big, I think eight inches or something (?) It’s a girl, by the way, but she doesn’t have a name. Any suggestions?


Anyway, then I made this Amineko for my little sister’s birthday. She found out about it before it was even done, so she ended up getting it early 😀 It’s my fourth Amineko and counting.


And now we have… Toothless! For those of you who don’t know, Toothless is the dragon featured in the How to Train Your Dragon films. He is very awesome, and adorable at the same time. 😀 Of course, there is also a dragon called Toothless in the HTTYD books, but he’s very different from the one in the films.


This is a close up of his tail, with the artificial tail fin Hiccup made for him. (actually, Gobber made this one, but it’s Hiccup’s design so whatever)


So anyway, that’s it for now. Have a nice day!

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Finished Objects: Little Yellow Ducks and more

Well, last was super productive, with no less than seven finished objects!

The first thing I made was a pink and orange peacock for my sister. I still don’t have safety eyes, but we can pick them up on Thursday! 😀 so this peacock has it’s eyes closed.


Then I made Pusheen the Cat for a CAL and a class on ravelry. My sister immediately claimed it for herself.


Then I joined the Little Yellow Duck Project, in which we place little ducks in random places for people to pick up. The project also has the added goal of supporting blood and organ transplants. You can find out more at

But anyway, this week I managed to make four ducks and place them. First I made Oswald:



Then came Mildred and Florence,


And then we have Bobson. He actually ended up on the map which shows all the reported ducks.


After making all those ducks (more to come!) I decided to make an Anna doll to go with my Elsa. I found a pattern that, when crocheted with a 4:00mm hook using DK yarn, ended up almost exactly the right size, though I had to add a few rows to the legs, cape and skirt to get her the right size.



So, that’s it for last week. Bye! 😀

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Finished Objects: Fox Baby

Hello, this week I’m afraid I’ve only got one finished object to show you: It’s a baby fox! There was going to be a Mummy fox, but the baby took so long I decided not to. The pattern I was going to use turned out to not exist, so I had to make up the pattern as I went along working purely off a photo. Any way, here he is, and hopefully next week will be more productive. 🙂


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Finished Objects: Vaporeon to Pizza

Sorry didn’t post on Wednesday, I wrote out a long post and then when I clicked Preview, The whole thing was deleted! 😦

But anyway, here are this weeks finished objects:


First we have a baby Vaporeon. I’m having a problem at the moment because I have NO Safety eyes, so pretty much everything has to be sleeping or a Pokémon now.


Here’s another dragon, this one is Gymn, the first dragon to hatch in the Dragon Keeper Chronicles (I told you to read them!) He is a minor healing dragon so he’s green. My brother’s favourite minor dragon is Gymn, so he got this one. He’s used up my last pair of safety eyes (The dragon, not my brother XD)


Now we have a Sailor Whale I made for a CAL on Ravelry. See his closed eyes? That’s because of the lack of safety eyes, but I think he looks severely cute anyway.


Due to my aforesaid lack of Safety eyes, I decided to start making an amigurumi restaurant for my sister. She’s already going bananas for it. So far I’ve made two sets of plates, cups and saucers, and three slices of pizza.



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Finished Objects: Ice to Lightning (with added music)

Well, after finally finishing all the stuff I needed to make for the swap, I actually have some finished objects to show you!


First we have Elsa, who you have already seen in the photos that came with the pattern. If you have seen Frozen, you already know she has ice powers.


Then we have some more icy characters, a mother seal and her tiny baby. The mother seal is about 6cm long while her baby measures 5cm long. The baby is blue because it was the lightest weight yarn I had and I wanted him to be absolutely itsy bitsy.


Then we come to the Lightning side of things. In the various imaginary worlds I’ve created, golden dragons are nearly always lightning breathers rather than fire breathers. This dragon, who I made for the Dragon Collection challenge I’m doing on Ravelry, has the job of guarding my page when I’m not reading. This particular book happens to be about dragons, by the way.


Then we have the Pikachu I just finished for my sisters friend. Yes, I said I was going to make a Pichu, but this pattern was so much cuter!!! And she did say Pikachu or Pichu, so that’s okay.


Now I’m going to cheat a bit. This next creature was actually the first thing I made this week-and-a-bit, but I put it last so I could stick to a theme. This is a purple dragon called Metta from the book series ‘the Dragon Keeper Chronicles’. (They’re very good, you must read them sometime. Especially if you like dragons like me) She is a Minor Singing Dragon, so she’s always singing, humming and can even help people to remember the words to songs. Okay, so the plushie obviously can’t do that, but the character does.


 But anyway, that’s it for this weeks finished objects!

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Finished Objects: From Oz to Canada

Well, time for some more finished objects! First I made a cowardly lion to assist Dorothy on her way to Oz. Interestingly, the cowardly lion is the only one of Dorothy’s companions who’s gift didn’t stay (or so he thinks) and he refers to himself as cowardly for the whole series except a few chapters at the end of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This particular lion was immediately claimed by my youngest sister.


Next came a little brown monkey for my younger brother. He likes swinging in the trees and eating donuts.



Then I made a little white spring bunny, who is yet to receive a home, although she might end up with one of the neighbours’ baby girl.


This cuddly little sun took less than a day to complete and was also claimed by my little sister. He always makes me think of custard for some reason.


Finally came Anne of Green Gables, based on an Alice in Wonderland doll by the BookpeopleStudio. I plan on making a lot of dolls using this pattern, I think it will do very well as a Laura and Mary Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie, or another Dorothy doll.


Anyway, that’s it for this week. Unfortunately, I’m making things for a secret swap now so I might not be able to post my F/Os for a while now. I will show you everything after it’s sent off though.

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Finished Objects: Hot chocolate to Peacock

Time for some more finished objects!


First I made this cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and a cookie! They are all feeling very happy today, possibly due to the fact that they can never be eaten!


Then came Dorothy, princess of Oz, on her way to the Emerald City. Yes, she should have silver shoes on according to the book, but I liked the red better.


And finally, we have a colourful peacock I finished just two days ago, who now lives with a friend of my sister.

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