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Finished objects: Ninja and Panda

Okay, hardly anything has been finished since I last posted (I started a lot of things and then changed my mind, and now I’m doing another secret swap) but I’m going on Holiday tomorrow so I thought I’d better post so you knew I wasn’t dead 😛

First up we have this Ninja I made for my brother. He’s hiding out in the trees, looking for danger to protect us from.

Then we have a fat panda I made using a pattern that a very nice person on Ravelry gifted to me. I have named him Po after the main character from the Kungfu Panda films by DreamWorks animation studios. Yes, that is a picture of himself behind him. The first picture turned out fuzzy when I uploaded it to my computer and I couldn’t be bothered to set up the scenery again so I just took a photo there.

So anyway, that’s it for now, like I said it wasn’t much. Hopefully there’ll be more next time (in about two weeks!).

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